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The Boy From Boadua



The curious reaction of the Global South to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

On March 2, 2022, just days after Russian forces invaded Ukraine, members of the United Nations voted to adopt United
May 3, 2023

My interview with Writer’s Life Magazine about my book, The Boy from Boadua.

The Boy from Boadua” tells the struggle of Patrick Asare as a child growing up in Africa in the remote
April 24, 2023

Putin must earn the respect he craves

Geopolitical realists like John Mearsheimer have long contended that the world’s major powers, mainly the U.S., Russia, and China, each
April 11, 2022

Is Russia really a superpower?

There is a school of thought which argues that whatever the U.S. does in the geopolitical arena, Russia should be
March 14, 2022

Not all interventions are created equal

Despite the shocking brutality of the indiscriminate bombing and killing of civilians in Ukraine by Russian forces, many people appallingly
March 14, 2022

Who determines how Ukrainians should live?

Unfortunately, geopolitical debates too often ignore very basic and far more important considerations. Arguments are invariably framed in terms of
February 26, 2022

America Will Pull Itself Together. It’s the Fate of People Elsewhere That We Should Worry About

Is it hypocrisy or realpolitik? This question comes up frequently in discussions about U.S. foreign policy. There are people who
June 17, 2020

A Brick Through the Window

In the days following the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, there was a great deal of head-scratching as people tried to
June 7, 2020

A Leadership Opportunity for Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper

Each of us has probably at some point made that one serious mistake that has potentially grave implications. While we
May 31, 2020

These Interventions Are Better Needed When the Waters Are Calm

Even in the best of times, the majority of developing countries have enough difficulty servicing the foreign currency debts they
May 29, 2020

Ahmaud Arbery Had the Right of Self-Defense, Not Vice Versa

Blacks and Hispanics in America may be bearing a disproportionate brunt of the coronavirus pandemic’s effects, in terms of deaths
May 11, 2020

What We Can All Learn from Chief Justice John Roberts

When I first arrived in America in the early 1990s, what I found most attractive about this country was the
September 29, 2019

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